We strive to create solutions that respect the environment and protect natural resources.

We think about a safer, healthier and more sustainable future when we create products.

Pro-ecological values

Each day, our team delivers solutions that improve our world and help realise the vision of minimal environmental impact that is supported by our values:

Supporting a circular economy where plastic products are reused and recycled.

Fostering a culture that recognises the value and strengths of ecological sustainability.

Ethical and responsible conduct.

Collaboration with partners who share our vision.

Ecological Responsibility

As a plastic materials manufacturer, we place utmost significance on environmental considerations.

Our responsibility in this respect begins at the stage of obtaining raw materials and continues throughout the entire production process, up to the recycling phase.

We optimise production processes to reduce material consumption, minimise emissions and reduce the carbon footprint at every stage.

We introduce the use of biodegradable materials and innovative technologies that allow us to produce plastic materials in a more ecological and sustainable way.






We are committed to a more sustainable and equitable future. To achieve this, we take important actions that help us, our employees, customers and partners create a better future.

Using additives from renewable sources such as biomass to minimise the use of petroleum raw materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling and processing plastic waste to reduce the amount of scrap going to landfills and lower the impact on the environment.

The use of innovative production technologies that save energy and water, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Taking into account social and ethical aspects in the business activity, such as occupational safety, care for employees’ health and their rights, as well as implementing the equality policy and eliminating discrimination.