About us

Empire Groupe’s activities are based on the combination of two industry specialised activities.

  1. Using the best technologies, we create unique, custom-made products. We create private label brands by ordering the production of high-quality plastic elements.
  2. We import raw materials from all over the world, we offer a wide selection of highest quality materials needed for production for our clients and specialised distributors in Poland and Europe.

Combining many years of experience and professional advice, we implement the needs of our clients, providing them with full support in their business.

Discover how plastics can help you develop projects that turn an idea into a real product.

Features that distinguish Empire Nord Groupe products

Can do approach.

Nothing is impossible for us. We find solutions for each client to meet their requirements and expectations. We approach each challenge in a flexible and creative way, looking for solutions that will be the most beneficial for them. Thanks to our experience and the latest technologies, we fulfil orders, even if they seem difficult to complete.


We are responsible for the entire process from A to Z – from the brief, through visualisation, production, to logistics. Each stage is monitored and controlled by our specialists who ensure the highest quality and communication with the client. Full involvement in the entire production process allows for flexibility and quick response to changes.

Speed to market.

Our systemic approach to production allows for efficient production processes organisation. Thanks to this, we are able to shorten the delivery time of our products to a minimum, which allows us to respond flexibly to customer needs and deliver products faster. This gives us a competitive advantage in view of the fact that we are able to respond faster to changing market needs and adapt our offer to current trends.

Care for the environment

As a plastic materials manufacturer, we place utmost significance on environmental considerations. Our responsibility in this respect begins at the stage of obtaining raw materials and continues throughout the entire production process, up to the recycling phase. We optimise production processes to reduce material consumption, minimise emissions and reduce the carbon footprint at every stage. We introduce the use of biodegradable materials and innovative technologies that allow us to produce plastic materials in a more ecological and sustainable way.