Caps And Closures

Working with the comprehensive production of plastic materials, we also offer a variety of bottle closures and caps that are not only functional, but also meet the highest quality standards.

Our closures not only ensure the tightness of the packaging, but also facilitate opening and closing, providing users with convenience and safety.

of closure types

We offer a variety of closures and caps that can be adapted to various types of bottles and packaging. Our assortment includes, among others: traditional threaded caps, flip-top closures, sprinklers, dispensers and much more.

and applications

Our closures and caps are made of high-quality plastics depending on the requirements and purpose. We can provide products dedicated to various industries, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals and many others.


We are able to customise closures and caps in terms of colours, patterns, markings, and even special functions, such as dosing or anti-opening protection.

and quality control

We ensure the highest quality of our closures and caps. We conduct rigorous research and testing to ensure that our products meet all safety and quality standards.