Containers for the food industry

As an experienced manufacturer, we specialise in the production of custom-made plastic food containers.

We design our containers to store food in a convenient, hygienic manner and in compliance with the highest safety standards for food products.

We offer a wide selection of food containers tailored to various needs and industries.


Our food containers are made of materials suitable for contact with food, ensuring the freshness, taste and nutritional value of the products.

We use materials that are safe for health and certified in accordance with appropriate standards.

to the industry

Our containers are used in many industries, including food, catering, restaurant and retail industries. They can be used to store: ready meals, salads, snacks, frozen products and others.

of shapes and sizes

Our experience allows us to create containers in various shapes and sizes, tailored to specific products. Our team of engineers and designers advise and support in the process of designing containers, adapting them to our customers’ requirements.


Our containers are designed with tightness in mind, and they protect the contents against moisture, odours and damage.

They are perfect for storing food in the fridge, freezer or lunch bag.


We offer various types of closures, such as snap-on or screw-on lids to protect the contents. Some containers may also be equipped with seals to provide additional protection.


Many of our food containers are transparent, which allows you to easily recognise the contents without having to open them. This makes it easier to manage inventory and organise your kitchen.

Temperature resistance

Our containers are resistant to temperature changes, which means they can be used to come into contact with food in a variety of conditions, from the freezer to the microwave.


We focus on ecological solutions, so we also offer options for containers made of ecological or recycled materials.