The canisters we produce are reliable and functional.

Thanks to our commitment to innovative solutions and attention to the highest quality of workmanship, we are able to meet even the most demanding expectations of our customers, offering various solutions in the field of canister design and adapting production to individual needs.

and capacity

We offer canisters of various capacities, from small, a few litres, to large, several dozen litres.

and production technology

Our canisters are made of durable plastics. We use advanced mould injection technology, which allows us to precisely shape and form canisters of various capacities and shapes. We design canisters to be exceptionally durable, which makes them an excellent choice for storing both liquid and loose substances.

of use

During the design and production process, we also take into account comfort of use. The canisters are equipped with ergonomic handles that facilitate carrying, emptying and convenient putting on and taking off the caps.


The canisters we produce are used in many industries, including the chemical, cosmetics, agricultural, automotive and food industries. They are perfect for storing various liquids, oils, chemicals and cleaning products.