Cling film

As a manufacturer, we offer various types of custom-made packaging foils, including stretch foil and cling film.

Our films are created to maintain freshness, protect products against damage and optimise packaging processes while meeting the highest industry standards.

and safety

Our cling film is made of materials approved for contact with food, which guarantees its safe use in the food industry. It ensures proper hygiene of products and allows for attractive presentation of food in packaging.


Cling film is used in packaging and storing various products, such as meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, cold cuts and ready-made meals. Perfect for use in grocery stores, bakeries, confectioneries, restaurants and at home.


The foil we produce is resistant to temperature changes, which allows it to be used for both cold and warm packaging of products. We offer various types of food foil, including foil for packaging dry, fresh, frozen and hot products.


We offer cling film in different widths and roll lengths to meet various customer needs. It is also possible to adapt to individual requirements regarding the thickness of the foil, its properties and printing possibilities.