Waste bins and segregation

As an experienced manufacturer, we offer high-quality waste bins and waste segregation solutions.

The bins we produce are not only functional containers for waste disposal, but also an important element in promoting conscious waste segregation and care for the environment.

Unique features
and innovative design

We make waste bins with maximum comfort and functionality in mind. We equip them with ergonomic handles, closures that facilitate emptying, and mechanisms that protect against the unwanted spread of odours.


We focus on the quality of workmanship, using damage-resistant materials, which ensures a long life of our products even in intensively used places.

Elegant appearance
and variety of styles

Our waste bins are not only practical, but they also look elegant and modern. We produce them in various colours and patterns, so you can easily match them to the style of kitchen, dining room, office or public space.

waste segregation

We know how important it is to properly segregate waste, which is why our bins may have special partitions that facilitate the separation of different waste fractions, such as plastic, paper, glass, organic waste and others. Specially marked containers facilitate and encourage correct segregation, minimising the negative impact of waste on the environment.