A process filled with knowledge and experience

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When creating a new product, we start by getting to know the client’s idea and planning its implementation. We present visualisation in the form of solids and 3D models taking into account material, physical and chemical calculations to ensure maximum durability and comfort of use of each product. We optimise parameters for ergonomics, safety and efficiency.
We select appropriate injection, extrusion or rotomoulding technologies to ensure the best-suited manufacturing process. Our partners are specialised production plants that, knowing our requirements for years, have the latest technologies that produce the highest quality products.
We select the best materials that meet technological assumptions and environmental standards. We have a database of 100 producers in Asia and India, from whom we import directly to meet the needs of our customers and to supply specialised sales units in Poland and Western Europe.
We focus on continuous development of knowledge and skills. Thanks to this, we can always provide our clients with the best solutions that are fully tailored to their design requirements. Our team of experts not only helps in selecting the best material and optimal technological solutions, but also engages in full cooperation with customers, going from the design stage through implementation to logistic arrangements. Sharing knowledge and advising clients is our priority. As a result, we build lasting relationships with contractors and gain their trust. We want our customers to feel confident and satisfied with the products we provide them.